Advisory Services

Continuing to diversify and grow the tourism experience in Saskatchewan to ensure sustainable growth in new and returning visitors to the province is a priority. Increased tourism expenditures provide additional funds for diversification and reinvestment. Advice and guidance with respect to product development, capacity building, and organizational planning and development, are provided. 

Product Development

Advice, guidance, path-finding, the review of terms of reference for feasibility studies, and the review of tourism business plans when requested, is provided. 

Capacity Building

Capacity building may be provided through workshops and mentoring when funding is available. The objective is to assist entrepreneurs to overcome business obstacles and to exploit business opportunities.

Organizational Planning and Development

Opportunities for tourism development which appear to have good potential frequently require more detailed examination. This may include the bringing together of human and financial resources to confirm the validity of these opportunities, and to consider further planning and organizational development required to move forward. Advice with these processes is provided.

Planning Resources

During these tourism planning processes, various reports and sources of tourism planning and development material dealing with diversification and growth of the tourism industry will be consulted. These could include such areas as sports tourism, events planning, culinary tourism, rural tourism, nature based tourism, cultural and heritage tourism (see example below) and other tourism market areas.

Aboriginal Cultural Experiences Guide

A self-assessment using this guide will help you to develop, deliver and price an authentic Aboriginal tourism experience - making you more competitive and successful. It will also help you improve the quality of the visitor experience - which will result in more visitors and growth for your tourism experience. To download the guide, click here.

Culture and Heritage Tourism Planning Guide

The Culture & Heritage Tourism Planning Guide is a publication by the Federal-Provincial-Territorial Ministers' Table on Culture and Heritage. This guide is an invaluable resource for community champions who are planning for cultural/heritage tourism.

Culture & Heritage Tourism - A Handbook for Community Champions - Web version:

Culture & Heritage Tourism - A Handbook for Community Champions - Print version: